Guitar Tour 2 Free

Guitar Tour 2 Free 1.0.5

Knock out some killer riffs on your iPhone


  • Impressive presentation
  • Fun drumming mode


  • Clunky touch controls


Games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band have, predictably, spawned a wealth of imitations. Some of these have even made their way to the iPhone, perhaps the most notable being the Tap Tap Revenge series.

Guitar Tour 2 aims to knock (or should that be 'rock'?) Tap Tap off its perch as the best iPhone music game. This free trial version of the game sees you standing in front of the Statue of Liberty, rocking out to Steppenwolf's 'Born to be wild'. You can choose to play either the guitar or the drums, and the mission is to hit all the right notes to get the party pumping and rack up big points.

Guitar Tour 2 Free is based around the now-ubiquitous fretboard-tapping control system, where you have to tap the notes when they get to the bottom of the instrument. It's the same principle for the drum section too, only you tap the drum buttons on the side instead of using a fretboard.

The presentation of Guitar Tour 2 Free is excellent. It's nice to have the addition of characters on the screen that react to how you're playing. The sound quality is excellent too.

On the downside though, the controls in Guitar Tour 2 Free are nowhere near as user-friendly as Tap Tap Revenge. The buttons on the fretboard are far too close together, meaning that it's very difficult to play more than one note at a time, which gets a bit frustrating. That said, it's not completely unplayable and it is possible to master this over time (especially if you're got small fingers).

Guitar Tour 2 Free is not a bad attempt at an iPhone rock game, but it's still nowhere near as fun as Tap Tap Revenge.

Guitar Tour 2 Free


Guitar Tour 2 Free 1.0.5

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